Know you need a list and not sure where to start?

"Announcing: The exciting breakthrough to start building your list and turning a profit"

The Beginners List Formula - Discover the easy step by step plan to building a profitable list.

A written and audio plan to start generating you profits quickly.

A limited time offer from Mike Paetzold and Simon B Kelly

To: Anyone struggling to make money on line

Dear Friend,

You probably know that the successful marketers all tell you the money is in the list. It is the one great asset every successful marketer uses and nurtures is their list. You know you need one too.

The problem is the lack of understanding of how a list building system gets put in place. Having the pieces put together properly makes the difference between struggling and actually making a profit. Most have all the pieces but just can't fit the various pieces of the puzzle together.

Once you have a process set up then the dream of making money while you are sleeping or on the beach can actually become a reality.

It would have saved me a year

What can I say except If I had this 3 years ago It would have saved me a year of messing around. I'm going to have to work harder and faster now as everyone who buys this course will have a boosted start.

Steve Ayling

Why should you listen to me

I use to go to work 4 days a week to a hot factory and work a 12 hour shift making plastic. Not now. Now my commute instead of being a 14 mile car trip is a 40 foot walk from the coffee pot.

I don't make millions but I do make enough to be able to work when I want to. If I have an internet connection I can work from almost anywhere.

Two months ago I took a trip from the cold northeast to visit my brother and his wife in Texas. While I was there I played some golf, ate at some great places and had one of my better weeks income wise while on line for an hour or two a day.

Now I owe a lot to various mentors that have helped me along the way to create my systems and if you are looking to make millions in the next year I am not the guy you need to work with. Haven't done it and don't have the need or want to.

If, however, you are looking to get started I can definitely show you how to do it and create a decent income even if you are working full time like I was. You just need a plan.

All you need to do is take action

"Beginners List Formula is a report no marketer should be without. It gets straight to the point with clear instructions on how to get your list built from the squeeze page right through to the back end
offer. All you need to do is take action."

Dave Murphy

Why have a plan

Did you ever buy a piece of furniture that came in a box? You took it home and emptied the box and had all these pieces laying on the floor.

Now you had everything to create that new entertainment center right there but good luck putting it together without the plan that says do this first then that.

Ever tried it? I have and it just didn't work.

The key is in putting the pieces together in the right order. It did me no good to have all the pieces if I couldn't put them together in the right order.

Building your list system is no different. If you end up with extra pieces left out of the final product it just doesn't do what you wanted it to.

If I had this 3 years ago

Great Ebook Man! If I had this ebook 3 years ago, it would have saved me a lot of trial and error. You give simple instructions that anyone can follow and you don't hold anything back. I would highly recommend this ebook to anyone that is wanting to build an online business.

Ed Tyner

Why I created it

That is why I created Beginners List Formula. To allow people to build a list system that actually works for maximum profit.

This actually started as a result of surveys I have done of my membership sites. The questions were all very similar.

Shortly you'll discover -

An over view of the flow of your subscribers to generate the most profit from your effort.
3 things a solid offer must have to generate the most subscribers.
4 different sources of traffic to generate your subscribers and which one fits you best
Different ways to change your system as you grow to take advantage of all the traffic sources.
How to maximize your profits from your follow up series of emails.
3 ways to maximize your time and your money while building your list
Why your own product can explode your list building.
An easy step by step plan to create your product.
A recording of the seminar "Organize Your List Process"
A recording of the seminar "Create Your Product"

And a special bonus to help you with the technical portion that stops some from succeeding

Picked up some golden nuggets

This wonderful book and audios was conceived at a couple of online seminars - I know because I was there yapping away.

However Mike has done a stellar job at taking the information from those seminars and hammering it into a great step by step system anyone can use to start building a list - and more importantly it also teaches you how to monetize the process.

I'm by no means a novice list builder, but I have picked up some golden nuggets from this book and so will you - no matter what level you are on.

Soren Jordansen

Already noticed a significant improvement

This easy to follow, step-by-step book was just what I needed! Mike shows you exactly how to build your own profitable, organized list while avoiding potential pitfalls and mistakes along the way.

I have already noticed a significant improvement in my list building thanks to Mike's techniques. If you are looking for a blueprint for successful list building, 'The Beginners List Formula' is the way to go!

Ryan Hogan

It delivers on all your promises

This is great, it delivers on all your promises, REALLY, anyone can begin to build a profitable list following the simple step by step methods you teach in your book,

I'd definately recommend this to anyone trying to build there first list or that want to maximise there profit from there current list

Antony Askew

Step by step information

The money is in the list? How many times have you heard that? And for good merit! The problem facing so many new people to internet marketing is having a guide to do it, and Mike Paetzold's Beginner's List Formula is the key! This is step by step information that anyone and everyone will benefit from!

Jon Olson

Kudos to you on another great product

I really like the beginners list formula. I'm no beginner but the product creation guide will serve me well. Best part is, I can turn around and make my investment back today!

Kudos to you on another great product.

Daniel Duverge

Where was this book two years ago?

Man, where was this book two years ago? All I have heard from the beginning is that the money is in the list but I had to figure out how to build one by trial and error.

This book would have saved me thousands and countless hours, not to mention how much more I would have made with a profitable list.

I still picked up a couple of pointers that will help me grow my lists even faster.

William Brant

By Now You're Probably Wondering:
"How Much Is This Great Information Going To Cost Me?"

My ebook, the 2 audio's and the special bonus are just one click away. It is downloaded digitally so you can be creating your money making list building process in just minutes from now.

How much can 1000 new subscribers make you next month? $100, $300, $1000 or more? What happens when you start adding that many every month?

But all the secrets in The Beginners List Formula are yours for only $47. At that price it is an absolute steal but for a short time only I am going to discount it even more.

Instead of $47 I am going to sell this for just $9.97 for a limited time only.

Now let me explain why I have cut the price so much. At $47 this information would be a bargain but some of the people I have talked with in various seminars that really need this would not be able to afford it.

I could just give it away and be a nice guy but then no one would value the information and most importantly if it costs nothing you will most likely do nothing.

This is my way of paying forward the help that I have received when I was struggling. See I have given away free reports that were quite valuable but because they were free people wouldn't take action.

Even though the information is valuable it is absolutely worthless to you if you don't or can't take action. You make the commitment by spending less than the price of a pizza. This way anyone that truly desires to get started can afford this.

To make this truly irresistible you can also resell the report and receive 100% commission to your Paypal account immediately. Sell one copy and yours is free.

Yes, Mike

I want to take advantage of your special deal and get my copy of

  • "The Beginners List Formula"
  • The Create Your Product mp3
  • The Organize Your List mp3
  • and the special bonus
  • and automatically become an affiliate and be able to sell this at 100% commission to my Paypal account immediately

For the low price of $47 $9.97
(Special Limited Price)

Look at it this way
-- $47 $9.97 is really a teeny-tiny risk when you consider what a huge marketing advantage you can gain from growing your list at a profit.

If you are not already getting results from building your list, get ready to learn a new and exciting promotion technique!

Mike Paetzold

Mike Paetzold

P.S. Seriously, for just $9.97 I'll show you how to get your list building system up and generating a profit. How can you pass on that?

P.P.S. If the report isn't enough, remember, after buying you can turn around and resell the report to your list (or with a link on your website). In 20 minutes you can make that $9.97 back times 10, 100, or even 1000! You get the FULL $9.97 directly to your PayPal account for every sale, the instant it's made.

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